Tribology Workshop

The 1st NWPU (China) - INSA Lyon (France) Tribology Workshop will be held in Xi’An (China) from July 3th to July 6th, 2019.

This workshop aims to offer a bridge between European and Chinese scientists on the topics of Tribology, to highlight recent important progress in all aspects of Tribology, provide a unique opportunity for discussion concerning the latest developments and to promote international collaborations and exchanges. It will focus on outstanding tribological challenges, to be addressed by researchers.

The organizing committee cordially invites contributions in (but not limited to) the following suggested range of subjects:

  • Tribology in transport,
  • Tribology in industry,
  • Tribology in space environment,
  • Tribology in energy production,
  • Nano-scale tribology,
  • Local and global contact measurements,
  • Multi-scale & multi-physics modelling in tribology,
  • Biotribology,
  • Bio-Mimetics,
  • Bio-Medicine.

The authors are invited to submit an abstract (max 1 page ) before 1st June, 2019. The workshop will consist of scientific sessions, keynote talks on topics at the cutting edge of the various Tribology disciplines.











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